Read These Rules Before Posting

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Read These Rules Before Posting

Post  Admin (The Wolf) on Mon Jan 04, 2010 1:40 am


  1. Trolling, or posting racist, sexist, or derogatory remarks are not allowed.
  2. Sexually explicit images are unwelcome. Pornographic images will cause an automatic account suspension.
  3. Spamming this site with scams, frauds, or any other irrelevant information will result in a ban
The following actions will be taken if:

  1. You post a post containing bad a minor breaking of the rules, it will be deleted and a message sent to you.
  2. Trolling will be stopped as soon as possible.
Note that:

  1. Accounts that troll or spam ARE allowed to return however their ip address will be kept, if their offenses are repeated they will be blocked for an undetermined time from the site.
  2. If you feel that you're post has been wrongly deleted contact a moderator of the forum you where in.
  3. For wider problems contact 12tracer[at] or dethklok510[at]
  4. Your account can be deleted after an undetermined amount of time of inactivity (years?)
  5. A message will be sent to your profile warning about a post deletion or break in the rules. If the breakage of the rules is not committed again or intentionally, we won't seek further punishment.
  6. Rules may change without warning

  1. Users don't become moderators by asking
  2. The process is secret but fair.
Also note: Only users Admin (Ebays) and Admin (Negrito) can change the rules and have power over moderator. Any problem regarding Power abuse from Mods please contact either user.

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Admin (The Wolf)
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