How to Change your text + How to post images

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How to Change your text + How to post images

Post  Admin (The Wolf) on Mon Jan 04, 2010 5:59 pm

Type in the desired message.
Then Highlight your message (with your mouse)
Then Click the above buttons.
B= Bold
I= Italics
U= Underlines
S= Strikeout or crosses out text

If you hold your mouse over each button a little pop up will show up explaining what each button does.

How to Post Images

(If the desired image is Saved to your computer)
1. Press the last icon on the top row. Has an image of a picture with a floppy disk.
2. Upload.
3. Copy image url or thumbnail and post it into the text.

(If the desired Image is in a website)
1. Make sure that you are getting only the image's url. If you are not sure you have the image you want's url, right click on the image.
2. click on properties
3. Highlight and copy 'Image location'
4. Press the little picture icon, the first icon on the second row of icons above.
5. enter the image url
6. Press Ok. Done
Admin (The Wolf)
Admin (The Wolf)
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Director Tecnico (Admin)

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